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Commerical and Industrial Buildings

Naisbitt Company has built nearly every type of Commercial and Industrial building common in Northern Nevada. This includes hundreds of stick framed buildings, CMU block structures, nearly 3 million square feet of Tilt-Ups, and even a Walgreens that is suspended from Trusses, hanging over Interstate 80.


The Developer of the Walgreens over I-80 was a long time client of Naisbitt Company, Tom Rocca, with Seven Hills Properties. He approached Naisbitt Company and explained that he had a location where he wanted to build a Walgreens, but there was a real challenge. The pad over the Interstate had deteriorated over the years of sitting vacant and the pad no longer had the capacity to support the load of a Walgreens building and the contents. They were going to need a creative solution for supporting the loads of the building and asked us to recommend a Structural Engineer that we could work with to develop a practical solution. We recommended Blakley Johnson & Ghusn, and subsequently worked with them to produce a building that is actually suspended over the building pad, supported by very large open web trusses that span the length of the overpass, carrying the load of the building down into footings on either side of the interstate. The weight of the people in the building, the parked cars and all of the contents in the building are supported by the original pad as it had adequate capacity for those loads, but none of the weight of the building is carried by the original pad.


This project was built under the very watchful eye of the Nevada Department of Transportation who was adamant that Naisbitt Company did nothing to close any lanes, slow the flow of traffic, or do anything to place passing motorists in harms ways. The project was finished without incident.